What ist Light?

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Author Sunier        (---.225.62.81.cust.bluewin.ch)        Date:   08-09-04 03:03
            hello Udo:_2Twistor350x20502
>Rays of light are Hertzian waves. Beautiful: then the Maxwell formalism is completely valid on macro plateau also for light. A lot was written for this purpose already; and nobody knows actually so rightly what a photon is? From R. Penrose there is a so-called "twister model" which includes a geometrical description:
Further approaches on topological basis of T.W. Barrett:
I am actually interested only the deeper meaning of the scalar potenzials F and G, which E.T. Whittaker (1903/1904) had deduced from the Maxwell equations, and which are not mentioned in traditional lectures on the electrodynamics (because at German universities almost unknown).
Whittakers solutions approve indeed in the vacuum also of longitudinal waves; actually pressure-waves on grounds of Bessel-functions. Such necessitates, however, a medium (Ether) which might be embodied from contemporary viewpoint through a scalar field.


_4deBroglie02I myself tried even a explanation; however,
I advanced yet not satisfactory on. In addition
one could find a initial stage of deBroglie;
however, his conclusions are not able to
predominate against the main stream.
Therefore again and more precisely:

         WHAT IS LIGHT?   

add: Do you recognize to your own
representation in the above models a similarity?

MfG, sunier

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