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The ambivalence of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
Why have electromagnetic wave packages which are transversally blurred
its effect as radiation absolutely exactly in the space-time?

The uncertainty principle of Werner Heisenberg led in its most extreme interpretation to the question whether the whole universe is not uncertain perhaps. This, however, is not the case. The mineralogists contradicted even already intensely the simple unsharpness and referred to the exactness of the crystal lattice places. In the lecture both aspects are examined. The critical analysis digs more deeply and limits each of these two statements in a certain way. A specific truth value is existent in each of the two expositions.


Taken fom  Halliday/Resnick/Walker: »Physics«, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2003/2005, pages 1150/1151

Diagrams from the abitur-time


Misinterpretation from the sine picture


Right depiction of a photon (symbol depiction):


The generally known sine curve suggests the observer that the function value is going up and is going down. This only applies, however, to certain kinds of oscillations: Namely for pendulums, stringeds, metronomes, water-waves, earthquakes etc. where a sway actually appears. This does not apply to electromagnetic oscillations, however; because it is a constant rotation (spin) here. Some human may ask: What does this already mean? In this case however very much! I say: Please, them to remember the picture of the spatial spiral. The deflection (elongation) from the zero position is the radius r and this one doe's change nowhere in the complete spatial picture. If one more deeply penetrates into the literature of the quantum physics, then one finds this value again in the QED as amplitude A at Feynman. He appears about the probability calculus so often because he recurs there just as often as the effect-quantity h of Planck in the nature.

3.5LaSinus Elongation midi sehrgut

Disastrous Easiness

Now let's shift attention to Ä§ (spoken: h-crossways). In the Planck-constant h are 2p because it is valid:                  
                                                h = 2p.ħ.
Because the PLANCK constant h admittedly a immensely important, but a absolutely constant value is; therefore the most mathematicians and physicists think the 2p which in the same way again and again appears, do not need to be taken especially into account. This also applies indeed to certain quantitative calculations. One inserts the 2p at the end again.
However, the effect quantity h is not only a physical constant like other very much important constants. No, it has a correspondence in nature. Jean-Louis Destouches had foreseen this already 1958.
This nature analogon is a single winding of the spiral coiled spatial field in the Spiral-Field-Theory:                               The single rotation of the spin.


The decisive factor of the unsharpness

We know now what the Planck-constant, the effect quantity h is: A single winding, a full rotation i.e. exactly a period in exactly one single electromagnetic beam (mono-ray, spiral-field-skein, quantum-skein, string or very simple from the spin). One can pull decidedly conclusions from this.
In the following picture you see the space-time-depiction of the single effect-quantity h above on the left. The greatly enlarged view underneath the depiction in movement direction of the single beam (mono-ray, quantum-skein). Perspective phases are shown begun by the side view in sine form on the right side. If one turns the spatial picture of the effect-quantum h with angle steps of 18 degrees, then will be shown the phases up to the movement direction.


The last view of the effect-quantum h (movement direction) is a circle around the light-ray of the linear optics.

Topology of the effect-quantity h in spiral continuum

Actually no preferential place exists as a stay for the effect-quantity h along the spiral directrix in the area from -∞ throughout our coordinate-system until +∞; which is drawn by the rotating light vector r into the space. The restriction for a particular single point is impossible.
This is, however, different in movement direction. The center of the effect quantum h has a bijective position. The result from this is: Every single ray, every photon, every quantum-skein ever occupies only one well-defined reversibly unambiguous position each in the space-time-continuum.
Those point which is measurable in principle, I name it effect-point.


Inability of the empiricism on the world line

At first a note about the term "world line": It seems perhaps to be dusty but it was used also from: Richard P. Feynman and his Teacher John Archibald Wheeler.
However, we remain further at what does mean the uncertainty principle?
The extremely little constant h as product from energy and time in the range of 10-34 was indirectly isolated by Max Planck out the radiation laws of nature. It appears among others in the light.
However already, at the light we do not know anyway what a single light-ray is. Very distinct formulated currently in the Internet:
"This grasp sentence serves the adherence from the fact that single rays from light cannot be produced: with bedazzle out. However, in opposite, there will result always an (arbitrarily thin) bundle of light-rays."
However, this is not the single one only what does hold back a clarification. We cannot in the most remote one so exactly measure that we could come at all into the proximity of the dimension of 10-34
[J.s]. 1020 effect quantity h are necessary to generate only one single measuring lightning. In this case, however, interests a much tinier value from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: namely until a measure even below 6.62606896 (33).10-34 J.s. Under this regard the Mainstream is astray totally, if it discusses decisive changes; and those classifies about the tiny quantum jumps. Self one could lean back; and these minimal differences allow leaving it at that. However, these facts are nevertheless important how this is clear for most humans in all areas of knowledge today; even if they do not completely understand the quantum physics.
While a single light ray (mono ray) is underway, there are actually no possibility of finding out any details on it. From that developed itself the word combination "idle photon" (leisured photon). To be held in memory: Empirically we can in the proximity of h purely nothing at all find out! The sole mean in the proximity of h for the sciences is only the logical deductive reasoning.

Exactness of energy transport

Mathematically means the spatial uncertainty: The radius r respectively the amplitude A meaning the maximum elongation is in the area from -∞ until to +∞ always equally, and this independently from the position within the spiral continuum. This must be transferred from the pure mathematics into the physics of the spiral field model. It means:
From the event of emission until to the event of absorption (Albert Einstein/Max von Laue).
Herewith is completely unimportant whether are between these two events the time of only tiny split seconds in the crystal lattice, or eons of striding across astronomical distances.
Our present interest focuses less on its position where a single effect quantity h just is; but on that, how much energy E to us comes. Therefore yet another translation for the unit "joule" multiplicity with the unit "second" for the pure statement in joule:  In the formula E=h.n which I regard as the true world formula, the following dimensions appear:  J = J
.s/s. Everyone reads this simple relationship.
To ourselves will bring so much energy E; as the effect points do absorb effect-quantities h per time unit. In agreeing with the facts: The higher the frequency n, the more energy comes. By Einstein already early stressed.

Where is the energy of the light-rays or other
electromagnetic wave-packets during its transport?


From the event of the emission until to the event of the absorption is stored the energy in the deformation of the physical field (in the spiral-field-skein).

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