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Author: Dipl.-Ing. Udo A. J. Hartje          Hello sunier,

Quotation: „Rays of light are Hertzian waves. Beautiful: then the Maxwell formalism is completely valid on macro plateau also for light.“

-  Who can contradict already such a statement?

Quotation: „A lot was written for this purpose already; and nobody knows actually so rightly what a photon is? From R. Penrose there is a so-called "twister-model" which includes a geometrical description:“

-  That is - graphically formulated - Poincaré: „So is for example after Lord Kelvin that, what we name matter, only the place of the points, in which the ether get caused as whirl movements.“ (Similar Roger Boskowich).

That nobody so rightly does know what a photon is, seems me too. The "twister-model" of Penrose has a relative truth value. In not imparted relation to the photon, however, only an inadequate connection, this is even misleading. At a generous interpretation it would correspond in the „SpiralFieldModel" with the tiniest particles. At my interpretation of the twister-modell the whirl is formed by spiral photons. These photons fuse beginning and end phase-exactly to a cycle process and are running back in itself. That constitutes Bohr's frictionless "stationary condition of matter" from Photons (not from electrons).

Quotation: „I am actually interested only the deeper meaning of the scalar potential F and G, which E. T. Whittaker (1903/1904) had deduced from the Maxwell equations, and which are not mentioned in traditional lectures on the electrodynamics (because at German universities almost unknown).

Whittakers solutions approve indeed in the vacuum also of longitudinal waves; actually pressure-waves on grounds of Bessel-functions. Such necessitates, however, a medium (ether) which might be embodied from contemporary viewpoint through a scalar field ... In addition one could find that deBroglie had initialized an approach; however, his conclusions are not able to predominate against the main stream.“

-  Also me interests burningly the deeper meaning ... however no up-warmed medium (ether) of 1903/1904. Meanwhile came 1905 the writings of Einstein. I search for scientists to interpret an universal representation of the natural sciences. (I don’t know whether in the vacuum fields can become to longitudinal waves. In a specific sense I don't exclude that. To say something certain about this, however, it would be premature. At first must be presupposed certain for that: what are the electro-magnetic waves).01deBroglieKlein02

For your question: „WHAT IS LIGHT?“ My reply includes approaches from deBroglie.


-  Before I talk over your pictures; I answer: What a photon is. Photons (or light-quanta or corpuscles of light after Newton), as they are also described in scientific literature) field processes are. (In this connection Einstein discussed with Heisenberg: „A day you have to tell me: what the nature does real!“).03Spirale5LambdaMidi450x16603


   04Querschnitt200x12302Photons are - up to now it is represented in this way only by me -, field ropes or strings with a different number of turns or loops which be transported in spiral-rotation on straight or slightly bent paths; and whose complex form can not be represented trivially graphically. Therefore I had to idealize the photons first to a spiral-curve (or to a screw-curve) how Newton idealized the bodies to a mathematical point (without size).

The spiral is, however, only the direction-curve for the idealized field-string, so to speak: the scaffold. This direction-curve has a sleeve from field; which does reduce its strength to outside 1/r2. This the sketch indicates through the cut crossways to the wave-normal (how showed in the cross-section, right side). On every ring decreases the number of the points to outside. Only through this thought step – better supported later from the light-vector which is rotating around the z-axis - I had found an exact interpretation. The top of the light-vector (vector of every Hertzian wave) in ideal case writes a spiral-curve (screw-curve) into the space; and the top of the light-vector carries with itself the outlined field (see cross-section). This field has not reached its end with its utmost ring; but in outside the field is staying; only its field-strength is weaker and weaker until towards the endlessness. Therefore I choose the small alphabetic-character "r" for the length of the light-vector (inside-radius). On the other hand I choose the capital "R" for the outside-radius of the field rope, because it goes against infinite (R→∞).

Now to the picturesYour pictures does not show photons of the light or of other electro-magnetic waves and also not elementary particles which are always in motion with speed of light (Heisenberg...); therefore it does not show free rays which roves as vagabonds through the vacuum or more general through the space and through our environment. Your pictures show - indistinct at Penrose but better in the approach of deBroglie - an idealization of tiniest particles in a revolving self process. To this see my graphics in the following arrangement without and with light-vectors:

06Koord3BeinHoch172x237 07Teilchen9h180x24003 08TorusSchief380x22706

09DoppeltorusShräg385hoch 10LichtvektorenRing385hoch03 11LichtvektorRingShräg385hoch02

With that is exhausted actually already, what one can say in a condensed way to light and photons with regard to the topic. And if you can also incorporate - except for fundamental doubting -, then you know now in the basic, what light and electro-magnetic waves are.

You can foresee now, how much can still rove the mankind in fantasies and incredible things before we find a  G. U. T. (Grand Unified Theory). Presupposed, one would accept after 20 years now my ideas; it would take much time in spite of all the advanced theoretical and practical possibilities - maybe years perhaps decades -; until will transfer that into all areas of the natural sciences; until would be also reached the bio-sciences and the medicine; where they are urgently necessary so that the processes of self-preservation and self-organization have appear in a new light.

I shall see this in my life presumably just as not as Planck was granted not in his life to see: the fusion of the classical physics with the quantum physics, to what he had very longed for.

To one of it I would like to refer, so that the rejoicing does not become too great. In my opinion would be any of the exempt photons of the particle12BrokenSpinRing4 graphics with their small number of loops measurable. If ring processes of the represented kind through disturbances does break open; itself namely is let comfortable calculate the effect-content; and with that the energy-content of quantum-objects in the new atom model (Prof. Treder judge this as too trivial and rejected therefore my approach). Every full turn, every full period of the spiral-field-string (in the free and in the rotating form of the ray, the torus), there corresponds every spiral-turn; also every spiral-loop; also every screw-turn exactly one from the Planck quanta-of-action h. From that results the action-content or the energy-content from the represented quantum-objects:

   (3...64)∙6,6∙10-34 J∙s;    also 2∙10-33 to 4∙10-32 J∙s

(Same value for energy only reduced per second; s shortens itself out). Or converted - since the table of deBroglie begins with 1 eV and many physicists calculate with electron volts - between 1,2∙10-14 eV and 2,6∙10-13 eV [at h≈6,6∙10-34J∙s; 1eV≈1,6∙10-19J]. The attainable sensitivity of our measurement apparatus does not suffice - as I think - in order to measure such values. But I could let myself correct. On the other hand the big number can be determined easily for the spin-loops in a ring process, if one knows the energy-content of the broken spectrum-ring and then divide through the standard value of the Planck quanta-of-action.

Greetings Udo

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