Quantum Whirls

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Universe of Quantum Whirls
in the Final Theory »Spiral Field Model«
Basic Ideas for a Compatible Physics and a Consistent Nature Science


A mainstream of the international physicist community wants to unveil the basic problems at higher and higher energies in impressive plants; - called ironic: »Cognition Machines« - which mutual outbid themselves in their technical lot of work and financial expenditure.1 The protagonists start with an antiquated notion over particles; which stores experimental experiences in a »standard«2; but leaving open otherwise, however; as those particles can form at all and dissolve completely again; and why the particles with increasing energy content reduce their need on topologic space.
If the »simplest element« and the »unit of physics« shall be found in powerful technological enclosures, then this is a fatal error way. Sought-after giant elementary particles are with absolute safety: no »simple things«, but they have in opposite biggest complexity. Provided that they could be generated: then they place masses of effect quanta in an unstable or stable structure together.
Since Planck, Poincaré, Einstein, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, DeBroglie and others: We know that »atomos« has only a tiny little bit of energy quantity, which no measuring methodology could identify as a separate object.
The search with gigantic machines is already therefore at all very nonsensical because in the processes running there energy is still pumped in. The »elementary« consists of tremendously small fractions of the energy, which does exist in the already known smallest particles or the weakest radiation.
I try intensively to clear since the middle of the 80s - so since more than 20 years -; that the totality of nature phenomena can be included by my more favourable deductive approach better in a universal theory. Here I started with a thorough general analysis and synthesis of the term-words from science and everyday-language. The new interpretation shore up itself on ideas from the beginnings of the quantum physics (years 1900 to 1925), which were discussed by Planck, Einstein, Schrödinger, Heisenberg and others. In the following time the new physicist generation doesn't only not pursue this one; but rejected even the most of this completely. By a universal examination of the idea of the »general physical field« which surrounds us with its filigree structure of matter from spiral spinning quantum skeins everywhere, I bring the contradiction between the »continuum of the classic physics« (stressed particularly Leibniz but also Planck himself) with the characteristic »discontinuity of the quantum physics« logically into harmony. Systems of space-time-coordinates are showing the dynamic field processes clear and vivid with graphic means. From the simplest and smallest element over quantum skeins which simply moving itself, up to most complicated structures arises a without exception consistent view for all fields of the physics and the nature sciences altogether; which the cognition remained till now obstinately closed off.
The Spiral-Field-Model identifies the term-words: »function« and »to function«: in meaning of »effect be« and »to effect« as a »main category« in the nature philosophy.3 This does unite the term-words: »Matter with mind« and »substance with information« both each with the other under equal rights. The Spiral-Field-Model has found the nature correspondence of the so important Planck-constant h in the single full turn of the »general physical field« which is rotating in the effect quantum skeins. Further decisive results in the interpretation of nature processes are: the theoretical splitting of the ray bundles of the experimental physics in separate rays (mono-rays)4 and the solution of the puzzle around the »dualism of wave and particle« Matter structures, are not from primarily given »little verdicts which secondarily swing« but from field, which a priori rotates in skeins«. Not everybody knows that the term-word »vibration« is defined as »a cyclic repetition of a natural process«. This circumstance fulfills also the »constant rotation«5. The a priori existing quantum skeins from »general physical field« are itself not only capable to bend (diffract) angle-fractions - so as at the sun rim -; but under extreme conditions they are capable to bend itself even 360 angle degrees; so to run further with high speed: during this they rotates as »spiral quantum skeins« with its specific spinning frequency.6 If this happens: and the quantum skein in question comes phase exactly on its own end, then the quantum skein does flow in it self, furthermore it moves fast as a skein, circulates in a ring process and constitutes locality through this which specifies itself in a system of coordinates. It is born the simplest particle. In its circulation the quantum skein remains a beam: i.e. no 'electrons' are running around in this self process; like Planck and Bohr had thought; but the interminably orbiting process is in itself a seedless particle. Such a particle can be formed from different radiation types with a differ number of turns (effect quanta) per named skein. From this exists the wealth of possibilities in the atom and molecule kinds. Before a ray from a ring process can again run free, an outer process must tear up the skein ring. Before a ray from a ring process can again run free, an outer process must tear the skein ring.
Even the gravitation get a plausible explanation by the spiral field model. It has its direct source in the surround fields of the microphysical ring processes.7 Although every single ring process provides only a tiny share; increases the huge number of the atoms and molecules in the bodies up to the known values. The individual contributions remain anonymous; because this contributions already after a distance of some atom diameters by superposition and generate an absolute continuum in a macro physical distance of all bodies as newton could presuppose it for his nature laws. By these conclusions apparent contradictions are removed and classical physics and quantum physics merge in the spiral field model to a primary edifice of ideas; in which will arise a new radiation, particle and atom model. 

               Berlin, September 2007 Dipl.-Ing. Udo A. J. Hartje

[1]      "Cognition machine  -  records about records", periodical: BildderWissenschaft 9/2007, side 48 (also 42)
[2]      The standard model of elementary particle physics describes the known elementary particles ... (Wikipedia)
[3]      That doesn't mean primarily the mathematical term-word »function« but the »continuous functioning«
[4]      After the lecture "Pulse-beat of Light" (June 4th 2004, "Max-von-Laue-Kollolquium" Berlin) I asked the later
           Nobel prize winner Prof. Dr. Hänsch, what could be the single ray of light in his sharp laser bundles?
[5]       Known from the English language »spin« as to to rotate; or to whirl quickly around
[6]      The engineering names such processes in electric machines »rotating field«
[7]      Discusses in: "Particles, that consist from Light - Textbook of a consistent field physics with logical integration
           of the gravitation", second edition 2006 (sorry, but only in Germen), see here under |Books of it|

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