Quanta Continuum

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The title of my lecture »The Continuum of Quanta« is justified; which I had given in front of the Freiburg University (DPG conference »Freiburg 08« March 7th, 2008)

Notice: The Quanta are a Continuum.

This lecture should be not only a contribution to a detail theme in the wide spectrum of physics, but the publicizing of a new world view: which disposes the unfortunate incompatibility between Classic Physics and Quantum Physics. The lecture brings about new solutions and shall activate further cognitions. So much I must thank after trouble even the professors Dr. Gregor Herten and Dr. Reinhold Rückl; that I could talk at all in front of profession physicists; however, is cynical, limiting a talk time for such one of only maximal 15 min; and then abruptly ending after further 5 min by holding up a large zero.

My lecture gives clear answers about the shown weak points of the quantum physics; which not are restricted probability-theoretical. My objection, that I was confronted with an indissoluble exercise through the limitted talk time is remained unanswered up to this day.

At that point I had mentioned at all not all solutions because of the announced scarce talk time which are opened by the »Spiral Field Theory«. Among other things not those problems which strives for the enormous experiment LHC in Geneva with an equipment of 2700 physicists and technicians; in which also the University of Freiburg is integrated: »What from arises the mass of particles and bodies?«

Postulated: one finds the assumed Higgs-particle; however, that will not be able to win anticipated answers; because the problems have a greater theoretical character. The question after the emergence of the mass has a comparatively simpler explaining for which one does not need an unknown elementary particle.

The mass of the (genuine) particles arises exactly then, if open (free) radiation (without mass) by fieldinfluence will be coerced to the local rotation (circle-, ring- or self-processes).

At that no ray interrupts its movement with light-speed. The by me described procedure of the generation of genuine particles converts the open (free) radiation (Mono-rays) without locality and without silent-mass into a circulating radiation in self-processes (circle- or ring-processes) with locality and with silent-mass which gyrating on paths with tiniest radii. The imponderable open (free) radiation becomes a ponderable radiation; a so to speak caught radiation. Therein is also caused why in the formula m· c2 appears the light-speed c in the square.

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