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Frankfurt/Main Book Fair 2007

Here an overview about, what expects you: the sciences are no easy food, if one may do it serious. Scientists complain about a series of open problems. Nevertheless, they insist on the same ways of decades, partly ways of centuries. This impedes the universal overview. In some, the gaze is obstructed absolutely. To this be to count some of view manners of the quantum physics, which are very risky and where one contradicts to that. The principle discussion has not finished. Albert Einstein’s warnings cannot be dismissed that one denounces it as unfashionable and it ignores. The science fluctuates between two fundamentalist opinions: On the one side: mechanistic-inescapable causality and fatalistic sequence of events; so to speak world run on rails of nature-law; and on the other side: of probabilistic-arbitrarily uncertainty, which permits fantastic assertions.
Most people who work in the science stand under the pressure of defined tasks in specific fields. They cannot detain itself with such principle questions, which has remained half a century ago. They must accept what is regarded as valid at the moment. Only people can decide, that don't stand under profession force, what they do and what they not do. I long took several decades strains and costs onto myself. This had brought success in the case admittedly, that I give to the discussion on the following sides. But it became no content of the science. I don't have any scientific lobby

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