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How nature generates the mass

"How does the matter get its mass?" The community of the physicists of the whole world has conspired on standard concepts. Other approaches do not have any chance for the time being. The great expectation focuses on the mystery of a hypothetical Higgs-Bosons which shall form itself from two protons by fusion. This would as reported, confirm the Big Bang Theory and it would explain the generating of mass.
How other people I am in suspense, what bring the experiments in the LHC in Genf. Will the hypothetical Higgs particle which one in advance seriously or mockingly already calls "God particles" and to which one ascribes God strength? I know nothing about this. However, I know one for certain: "The cause how the mass come in being, cannot answer any miracle particle." In as much as this effect primal takes place on a elementary level, and not first, at a particle with a mass bigger than a proton.
At first is valid the discovery: "The whole universe consists solely of radiation"; however, at the end of this script the secondary discovery with the same content is equally valid also. To this there is neither doubt after the theory of one single Big Bang, which shall have formed the totality of all worlds within almost 14 billion years; nor after the theory Ludwig Boltzmanns with many worlds which arose at different times and which are in different development stages. Whether this radiation originates from one single Big Bang or from many now, remains anyone's guess. But the radiation of all frequencies always moves with light speed. Seen from this aspect the radiation does not have any option for corporal physical matter with mass.
So, the primal question: What holds the world in its inner together; goes down to it: Which general principle offers for the ever moved radiation nevertheless to stay at the same place: for an ultrashort time, for a short time or for a long time until for an extremely long time; and with it causes the inertia of the mass: beside numerous other attributes? This question was answered by me into the 80s. Excepted of some cautious remarks, this has remained unnoticed. I try at this place once again, my solution in condensed form to suggest:
Basis are my two postulates about quantized electromagnetic rays. After that every individual beam (mono ray) is a skein of events in the sense of Erwin Schrödingers.

Postulate (1):
Each of these events is exactly a winding (loop) of a field spirally coiled which corresponds to exactly one effect- quantum h of Max Planck.


Single winding (loop) and quantum skein (spiral field skein, single beam, mono ray) will be shown graphically in symbol picture (naked curve); in multi-points picture and in vector picture.

Postulate (2):
The field-skein (string) of happenings as its whole is this in the physics till now not realizable and not defined electromagnetic single-beam (mono-ray).


With these two postulates is described all of the free (unbound) radiation of the whole universe with its differently deformed field skeins with differently energy-content per lengths respectively volume unit. Thereof results the known formula E = h.n {often also described as f=frequency}. I think that this one is the sought-after world formula because all processes of nature can be derived from this.


The blurred rings show single beams in movement direction

Postulate (3):
Only a unique possibility leads from free (unbound, non-local) radiation which roves with light-speed everywhere through the space: to the place-bound corporal physical matter with mass:
          The radiation must gyrate around centers.
It keeps with that its movement. It remains radiation with its typical undeterred and unwavering mobility.
However, this caught radiation in the circle processes (ring processes, self processes) can without metamorphosis any time be freed again. But an outer or inner atomic disturbance is required to this. Such a disturbance helps the bound radiation to get its independent mobility again. Sometimes with a terrible effect, as we know.
The place-bound radiation circulation in innumerable cyclical processes has a number of specific qualities as we also know well. The past nature science had engaged itself with that intensive. One of this is the mass. Already the smallest known particles (electrons, Neutrinos ...) which partly are seen as dot-shaped; and which have no inner structure: however, they have mass. According to the new concept: The tori, saddles and knots from quantum-skein are vested with a simple inner structure.

_4deBroglieBild slide0049_image152

The come in being of the circle processes is possible. In the nature arises on many places under certain circumstances an extreme field strength. This one does not deflect electromagnetic beams only with a few arc seconds (seconds of arc) like on the edge of the sun; no, but actually these also can conduct 360 angle degrees around. If the section from a spiral quantum skein after the postulates (1) and (2) with its top docks at its own end phase-exactly, then it causes a cyclical process (circle process, ring process, self process) and circulates in itself around. This principle creates the necessity of locality of the physical matter with its main quality: the mass. 
The circulation of radiation on paths with an extreme curvature in the atomic shell (atomic envelope) and the most extreme curvature in the atomic nucleus is without problems; because the radiation itself does not have resting mass and is not subject to any slingshot effect, for example unlike the smallest known ponds, such as electrons, and neutrinos. On the other hand are the little curvature radii in the atom and particularly in its nucleus a special challenge for our powers of imagination of course. The first must be the following: One has to accept the true natural law, that with an increasing number of turns per length unit of the beam in question the whole object will be smaller and smaller. One must become unfastened; one must escape from the analogy to our planet system; which Niels Henrik David Bohr had transferred into his atom model.

The cluelessness must already be rather big if a physicist imagines the atoms just so how the illustration below. I give credit, that it shall be a vector arrow which is rotating around the circle curve spatially.

Seite120Atom mit 2dimensional Strings animwell2

The new concept for the origin of physical matter with mass which gets by without a hypothetical Higgs-particles, creates the basis for a tiniest filigree similar remodeled interpretation for all disciplines of nature science including the medicine. This is a wide field and cannot be done by a single human. The opening of the bidden possibilities will last probably decades even if one would immediately start with that.
However, at the end I would like give you attention to following fact: About the formula
E = m.c2 which is ascribed to Albert Einstein, but who, however, is criticized from historians as already known earlier: The quadrate of the light-speed c in this formula explains to itself from the compulsion to circulate in the cyclic processes (circle process, ring process, self process as tori, saddles or knots).

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