German Book Fair in Leipzig 14. - 17. March 2013, 2008  A K V Working Group of smaller Publishing Houses
in the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels

You are landing on this home page. You must schedule a little more time than for an advertisement. If you are in hurry, you easy should further-click. Seeing in the side you cannot grasp what I would like to explain to you. With Quantum-Universe is more meant, much more than only Nano, that now is mouth in all and from which you heard surely. Actually, Nano means nothing than nanometres [nm], that is 10-9 m or the thousand-millionth part of a meter. Exactly the microelectronics is advancing into this area of tiniest dimensions and celebrates admiration-worthy successes.
But with Quantum-Universe I my somewhat which is more general. Not only also small and even much more tiny, with areas, in which our technology can never advance despite boldest dreams in principle; but in fact including our macro surroundings and the whole universe. From the last, one has a more or less clear idea: over our solar system, our "Milky way" and the inscrutably many other galaxies in their different development stages. At the time an Australian plans to summarize all already known galaxies in a spatial card. A huge undertaking. No, on the other hand I don't want to frighten of course. Take your time, if you can, and read the websides. But, you should not at once devour all.
Let's turn towards the quanta. All speak of it. Some are confident to know what are quanta. I doubt this. What therefore are quanta, that it inspires to the concept of quantum leap? Here, it behaves similarly like the term nano. In sense of Max Planck and Albert Einstein happen all the nature events discontinuous in constant steps. The smallest step is named quantum of action, a   q u a n t u m   therefore. Its value is incredibly small; namely S ≈ 6,626·10-34 J·s, energy multiply second; measured in the physics-unit effect. Not to confuse, with the current technology-unit power P = energy (or work) divided through second; that is per second [W=J/s=J·s-1=V·A]. In an otherwise very interesting discussion, a young engineer saw a mistake with me namely. The effect would be the same like the power of a machine in Watt or Kilowatt for him and didn't let itself talk out of this. But this only on the side. Let's turn towards the quantum leap. The jump of S ≈ 6,626·10-34 J·s is so small that one would have not to actually do therefore any ado.  More: Our best measuring equipment is not even in the position of registering such a jump at all. Much more: The best practicians and theoreticians of measurement have in their visor the ambition for a precision of 10-20. The high precision of 10-15 is reached. The details should not interest us, but a relative precision of 10-34 is far outside of our reach.
If one speaks about quantum leap, then not about effects, which will be to neglect; but about such jumps, which change the events decisively. From where does come this discrepancy between the facts and the current opinion of many people? My answer: One doesn't know exactly what are the quanta and what are the photons (light-quanta, light-corpuscles of Newton, light-particles). Therefore these problems became mysticism; and into all this things is flowed interpretation, imagination and fantasy. Some people rape through the quanta theory the reality to a playground of the dreams, also scientists. The discrepancy between this and the sure knowledge did bother my silence. You find my sober thoughts, but also many surprising ideas in the following sides. 
On the bookfairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt/Main, many small publishing houses and author's editions are represented in the AKV (Group of smaller publishing houses) in the "Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels". Also the "Technisch-Wissenschaftliche Büro Berlin" (Technically-Scientific Office) is included with some books.    ® Foto Rahmsdorf , Book Fair Leipzig 2004
I am able to interest young people with success for the nature sciences, but my contribution is without official support minutely (sees picture). In the media dominate sensation hunger and have-fun. Some have a premonition: this cannot be the true Jacob in order to achieve high capabilities in nature sciences and technology. Many pupils voted mathematics and physics simply out. Against that is only heavily to arrive. What it get is obvious. I ask me, whether the efforts to give the development a more promising direction again, are positive adjustable? But one should not give up the hope.

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