German Book Fair in Leipzig 14. - 17. March 2013
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For the health stupidly I saw the very late program1 until 0:20 o'clock and at the forenoon too the repeated summary. A young physicist2 spoke enthusiastically about results of nature science knowledge.3 He outlined the antiquity, Galilei, Newton and Einstein up to the quantum physics. He focuses on the gaps. Thereby he stresses the gravitation as the greatest puzzle and hopes for the solution in the indication of gravitation waves, in the discovery of gravitons and in future results of the LHC in Geneva. He talks about hidden dimensions in which gravitons could itself retire; and they take energy with itself. However, he is also open for other simpler solutions. His bottom line: At present, there is confusion in physics and astronomy. Particularly his conviction impresses me: "Science is for everyone!"4

Sadly, his rousing contribution contains predicates which can be questioned. Actually my »Spiral Field Model« is hidden for him which formulates a general radiation structure (postulate 1 and 2);  whereupon,  single radiation skeins5 brought in gyration generate the

Lecture »The Continuum of Quanta« DPG-Conference Freiburg 08: "A mono-ray is caught from nuclear field..."Freiberg08

local matter with mass (postulate 3) after formula E=m.c2. In the LHC this shall be done from hypothetical Higgs bosons whose creation is expected in proton collisions. The new theory does need in the complete universe pursuant the postulates 1 to 3 nothing as: exclusively radiation, namely free radiation (photons)6 and bound radiation (body matter with mass).

Montage from pictures of the NASA-Archiv »Asronomy Picture of the Day«


After a postulate 4 the gravitation has its source in every single effect quantity h of the free radiation skeins just as also in the bound radiation skeins everywhere in form of its spatial loops.7 Gravitation has no quantization, the field superimposes immediate; and it does not produce gravitons which energy let disappear. Pursuant a postulate 5: The speed c of all electromagnetic wave packages is not only an absolute term, in opposite it has singularities.8 The speed c varies inside infinite and zero (∞>c>0) inversely proportional to those field density9 (0<d<), which rules at the respective place of the general physics field10; and that because it must react on the complex curvature of all spaces and the time.

I propounded my ideas in the GDR and after that in the United Germany on Book Fairs since the middle of the 1980s years.11 They are accessible to everyone on the Internet. I was sending them this year to the "Nature", arduous translated into the English language. My question in direction to the public: Why do prevent the science elites a dialog about my thoughts over decades? Is that vain arrogance or hostile exclusion as it happened to Robert Havemann12 whose approach13 serves for me as inspiring model? The depressing events with nuclear energy should lead away of trodden paths. The standard model of particle physics is not a universal teaching but patchwork. The matter does not consist of separate forces but it is a consistent whole.

Sometimes students compete with me with scarcely acquired knowledge from narrow theories. At other humans I experience as they follow my thoughts. With my 80 years I need urgent support so that I could give impulses for teaching and research yet; no immature objections. My office does not have any Staff. On the contrary: Much of my time is needed to my wife helpless since 1995 because of brain bleeding. Only a remaining time can serve my work. To this day, an influence on experiments was never granted to me.


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  6. Sidney Perkowitz:  "The photons are these fundamental elementary particles, those which have originated the universe by connection of them … the introduction of the photon, the quantum particle of the light, led to the perception that light in a not imaginable way can be particle and wave at the same time.”                            »Empire of Light«, New York 1996, Charles-Howard-Chandler-Chair for Physics of the Condensed Matter
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  10. Background: General Relativity
  11. Finally at March 17, 11 under: "Leipzig Liest" on the Book Fair
  12. Robert_HavemannDissident of the then GDR, was long time under house arrest. He discussed with Max Born
  13. Robert Havemann:  {Picture from Wikipedia} "The relatively clearest form of that, what is an effect, is an angular momentum. It has the dimension of an effect. Already from this fact, as h has the dimension of a angular momentum, follows: that appears the term frequency in the theory; then at the twist of a body, the speed of gyrations has, therefore the number of the revolutions in the time unit the same dimension - namely 1/second (s-1) - like the oscillating frequency . Oscillations can be mathematically represented also as illustrations of spins. It is a very odd observation and a with the classic physics irreconcilable realization that energy cannot exist in an arbitrary quantity; but only in whole numbers multiple of certain quanta. Furthermore is also very strange that, with reference to their energy, must be assigned all of the nature phenomena in any manner (which is yet to certain better) a frequency; an oscillation number, a speed."                 {Technical name: »rotation frequency«}.                                   6. Lecture about »Die philosophischen Probleme der Quantenmechanik«, side 77
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