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Criticism of the Today's: and the Better Quantum Picture

The present quantum physics describes the behavior of the statistical totalities of quantum objects meticulously. However, hardly anyone can scrutinize the origin of the results because the research does work with a terminology which is infiltrated with hieroglyphs. After Stephen W. Hawking itself exist only a handful scientists in the whole world capable of understanding the quantum physics correctly.1 A reporter of STRINGS '99 in Potsdam had quantified them on 100. Richard P. Feynman judged most crass. He included itself; and he begun one of his lecture rows with the statement: Nobody understands the quantum physics! With his dedication: "What this blockhead understands, can also savvy the other blockhead!"2 he wanted to achieve that all interested humans understand the quantum physics. The quantum physics of today is criticizable because it exceeds its competence if it declares the mono-objects obsolete.

No other Quantum Theory takes this one
the tiniest physics unity: the effect-quantum
(Planck constant)
(33).10-34 J.s; i.e. the
c o n c r e t e  s i n g l e  q u a n t u m
for the basic building block of the whole universe


In the other statistic totalities are the mono-objects known. In the background are people of a town, a country or the whole world, vehicles in the traffic, animals of a population, pollutions in the water, atoms and radioisotopes in substances, rest particles in the vacuum, elementary particles in processes, celestial bodies and galaxies in the space. However, in the quantum physics of today the word "statistically" bribes prominent quantum physicists to undermine the question about the entity of the mono-object (mono-quantum, single electron) by the word "obsolete".
Some physicists offer less or more numbers of new dimensions. But all the processes in the universe from the tiniest ever up to the bigest ever in truth run simply in space and time. This does not let itself lever out. One takes the radioisotopes. They are small and we need means: to determine their location; and we have a formula for the time of their disintegration.

One takes a meta-galaxy, whereat one can discuss this one only abstractly. We query also there the location: where it is and the time of its development stage.My lecture »The Continuum of Quanta« has the aim to remedy a part of the gravest errors; and it identifies the most outstanding mono-object of the quantum physics in the Planck-constant h and its analogon in the nature. At this stands in the center fewer the value of 6.62559·10-34 [J· s] (Wich had derived from Planck with indirect conclusions from the radiation laws and which was refined always further later), as more the form (shape) of the spatiotemporal »field-loop« of the individual »quantum-field-skein« (Mono-ray, quantum-skein, string).
With this equation of the effect quantum (Planck constant, quantum of action) as an mono-rotation in all natural rotary fields much is immediately clear what today's quantum physics puzzles still about. The Mono loop is the smallest sensible unit of the "general physical field", of which the "spiral-field-model" goes out and from this the whole universe consists. This simplest quantum object cannot be made to an isolated piece or be delimited until a particular concrete rotation period within its effect field skein; but not only because it is so tiny. It is in principle not differentiably and in this sense an element of the Bose-Einstein condensate in the continuum of the field skein. This is one of the statistic totalities which researches the established quantum physics. Here, I do not discuss details of other statistic totalities with also clear describable quantum objects; also not, that the mono-loops must not always be tiny.
Something else: One can imagine that each of these turns will be separated into infinitely many infinitesimal angle steps dj. Consequently: the effect quantity of h is not indivisible as I had read in Wikipedia a time ago. According to the "spiral-field-theory" exists nothing in the whole universe which is indivisible. There are no mysterious "little verdicts" which would can construct everything. But: The dividing of effect skein does not go forward like a separation with handiwork or with technical means: Here the one fragment / between this a gap / there the other fragment (except for it: we never could perform such a dividing, also after the most legendary progresses in principle not, because our most ingenious tools themselves are made from quanta). Field rips nowhere completely. The teaching of »atomos« is not only a mistake at chemistry atoms and at even smaller particles but also at the radiation field. The thought which was already recognized in the antique time and which is accepted generally today that everything forms a whole; this is seen also here.
The consideration mistakes of some forward advocates of the quantum physics being based on probability lead to abstruse assertions. One postulates the possibility of to turn the clock back; and the existence of innumerable parallel-worlds. One abolishes the proved principle of the causality against Planck's caveat3 and wants to replace it by a statistical indeterminism.4 One is even ready: this tiniest what is being (entity) ever , which has absolutely no structure (no sophistication), to impute qualities like a knowledge or / and the ability for the decision or / and a mutual communication between twin particles over gigantic distances.5 With all of this skewed approach: One risks to damage the sense for the historically grown concept world (term system) of all humans. This does not teach any new truth but this dips the hard sciences into mystical fog.
Also Werner Heisenberg's Unschärfe-Relation (unsharpness-prinziple, uncertainity relation) finds their clearing up. The mono-loop is exactly one wavelength long; and it has because of its shape no defined position on its path in the skein. Even if, one in thoughts takes out exactly a concrete full rotation as a mono-object; then its location is "smeared" about the complete wavelength. A word from the early days of the quantum mechanics. However, what does it imply? At all, it justifies nowhere an uncertainty about the events of the universe. All beams concentrate their effect in movement direction, what everybody becomes conscious if light dazzles him or if a laser beam works. The cross-section of every quantum skein has a center with an exact geometric locus, namely a point: as indicate my depictions.
Equally clear it is just at genuine particles6 with nucleus (atoms) and at seedless genuine particles (Separat-electrons, neutrinos ...). Always there is a center, around which the ring-processes rotate and this locus is determined exactly.
Consequently, no events are in the universe uncertainly or doubtful. Another question is whether we can in every case pursue the events up to their smallest details? No, we cannot do this! To this purpose must all events be accessible; to this purpose the universe is too gigantic and to this purpose our finest measuring equipments are too rough. However, to save something from the early days of the quantum mechanics, I stress that all field processes after the character of the object are always "smeared" over the location of their existence. Though, if one thinks on mono-rays of light or on mono-rays of even higher frequency, the sharpest pencil then can not draw a line adequate to such a thin diameter. All geometric curves, lines and points as location of the mono-rays are mathematically exactly. Remaining still: energy and time. But this one delivers the Planck constant itself.


Answers to the list of Prof. Schröter and: What Quantum Mechanics IS?

My »Spiral-Field-Theory« is a genuine theory because it does not presuppose any particles but shows how particles form from open rays (Free radiation). It explains how non-local mono-rays changes into local genuine particles; whereat the rays gyrating on endless ring-processes with extremely small bending radii; and kept there its characteristic to run with light-speed. It is said with that why there are particles.

  • The »Spiral-Field-Theory« explains how by outer or inner disturbances in an uninterrupted consequence again arises from the genuine particles free radiation (open rays). The existing particles with their caught radiation have in its ring-processes so much functional structure that can be allow to them in a manner of speaking: an own life (independent existence). Under the assumption that exist a harmonious interplay of the inner ring-processes either the particles (Atoms, subatomic particles, electrons, neutrinos) are very stable (proton 1032 years) or they disintegrate after diverse duration (Neutron ½ h).
  • The interaction with light has in the »Spiral-Field-Model« a completely different basis than expected generally. A light-ray remains in the inner of a particle (Atom) a light-ray. X-rays or gamma-rays remain also x-rays or gamma rays in the inner of the particles (Atomic nucleus, separate electron, neutrino). But the path bending is changed in the inside of the particles radically and it will with increasing energy tinier and tinier. The spontaneous emission happens by disturbances of the inner equilibrium. The home-particle does send out over short, long or astronomical long distance a quantum-skein (Emission). This quantum-skein will be caught in an aim-particle with a vacant path (absorption, mini-version of the so-called »Black Hole«).
  • The Hamilton-Operator (Energy-Operator) is not touched by the new theory.
  • The from Einstein interpreted field conforms with the »General Physical Field« of the »Spiral-Field-Theory« which completes what Einstein had started: It explains the gravitation as an overlapping (superposition) of all lateral fields on the outside of all quantum-skeins. All locally gyrating quantum-skeins and all non-local rays which all have its with 1/r2 gets weaker lateral field strength.

Answers to often asked questions on the quantum mechanics

  • An electron is both a particle and a wave. Only: Its characteristic oscillation is not a forwards and backwards as in the case of pendulum, swinging string or metronome, but constant rotation. That is simple repetition of the same new revolution after the previous one. In addition, for example has a separate electron unlike the analogon of the Planck constant accessorily a further overlayed movement which is relatedly to a billiard ball. However, one must primarily clear; about which kinds of electrons one talks. Shell electron7 are something else than cathode electrons, line electrons or nuclear electrons etc.
  • This requires new investigations and new lectures. With the oscillating Gauß-shaped density cloud which flows from each other with the time, one had tried to explain something which this way cannot be explained.
  • Every quantum-skein is capable to interfere with itself if it meets with itself. With this problem has grappled Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac himself already intensively.8
  • The mentioned facts are right but the double-slit-experiment requires a new interpretation from the view of the »Spiral-Field-Theory« at which the 3-dimensionality of the quantum-skeins must remain unchanged in the theoretical discussions. In the quantum-skein which the h  identifies to a spatial field-loop, may not be robbed its 2p and to the h (spoken: h crossways) be demoted. - For diverse species of electrons will required further clearing examinations.
  • The individual electron can nothing know about two slits.
  • Also the statistical totality of all involved electrons does know nothing. Knowledge according to the human concept world requires also at the most generous abstract interpretation an information system. Electrons react. We have to find out the one of reacting without a hey presto.
  • The wave function of the quantum-skeins never collapses. The quantum-skeins remain rotary-fields as a open ray (free radiation) and they remain rotary-fields orbiting in genuine particles on their closed paths (ring- processes).
  • An individual electron does not go in the double-slit-experiment through the two openings in the same time and does not make up its mind either by a compulsion of the measuring equipment to have gone through the left or the right opening; "afterwards" like an unreliable witness. This interpretation is a helpless excuse for a wrong approach.9 The measuring is no problem of the nature but ours. If a too high causal nexus too much changes the nature process or if a measurement even destroys this completely, one then can blame for that not the nature; but it must be compensated with well-founded conclusions; or one comes onto a completely different way behind the secret. To think: The other electron goes freely out of its overlapping, is no-one solution. There exists a better one.
  • Nothing is to demur against the calculation of a statistical totality; and if one considers the innards of a radioisotope as a Schrödinger-cat with an average life expectancy; then the formula is correct; and would calculate as in the case for example bills a insurance-company the probably dying humans of a town up to decimal places.
  • The process rings near in atoms and isotopes to themselves so deep that they affect each other (background: periodic system of elements, exclusion-principle after Wolfgang Pauli, spectroscopy). After an exact exploration of this nature area one also here will come to deductive consectaries.


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[5]   One can refer among others to David Bohm who lets the electrons steer by a leadership wave y.

[6]   The quality: "genuine" for particles was not conceived from me. I use it for particles which insist from gyrating           radiation (ring processes). This problem was discussed, because also has the open rays (free radiation) as           quantum-skeins particles-character concerning their beginning and their end.

[7]   Electrons of the atomic shell are the described rays running back in themselves around the atomic nucleus.           All others must be discussed separately.

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Frank/Kockel/Macke/Papapetrou: »Max-Planck-Festschrift«, Berlin 1958, S. 371-374, Hsg des Beitrags: Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

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