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Higgs' God's particles and the LHC in Geneva

Once more in the history of the nature sciences what we don't understand might bring about God. Spinoza and Einstein saw God and Nature as one. In the Nature, all particles have mass. As this mass originates, no Higgs-Boson can betray us even if it should be generated in the Collider of Geneva.

The mass of all particles is created if radiation circles in itself. How it can do this? Today, no scientifically educated human being doubts that under appropriate conditions radiations are bent at altered field densities. Only: How far this bend goes, was not discussed until now.

Einstein and British astronomers delivered the first proof at the edge of the sun: A few angular seconds. I wondered whether also conditions, which lead to more strongly bent radiations at extreme change of the field densities, exist in the nature. Answer gave, firstly serious spreadsheet works of the physics about field densities inside of particles which are up to 1040 times more strongly than in all outer fields and secondly astronomers over the field densities in the center of exotic celestial bodies.

I derived the idea from these facts as particles are created. If a ray is bent 360 angle degrees, and it with its top come on its own end and docks there phase-exact on it; then, it runs around with speed of light in a stationary closed path. The simplest particle with very small mass is created through it. On this way, the square of c in E=m.c2 is comprehensible.

If one compares this with the Bohr's planet-model, then is correct, what held against me a visitor on a Book Fair: "You cannot simply invert the whole atom model!" However: "One must!" Because around the atomic nucleus circulate no particles, but rays only without mass.

A row of consequences coheres with that which here I will not spread out all. I select what follows:

It was objected already at beginning of the principle discussion about the quantum physics: those electrons always beam at so high acceleration and lose energy. However, they don't do this on Bohr's stationary paths. But if however 'only' rays circulate locally, then is not remarkable, that these unfold no centrifugal force.


However, another consequence is even more important. Paths with the higher energy don't lie outside how in the Bohr-Model, but in the inside; and this advances a crucial step for us in the nuclear construction: Namely with direction into the atomic nucleus. There: Roentgen and gamma rays circulate on closed stationary paths after the same principle. They contain huge energies in significantly smaller volume. This answers Einstein's question: "Why are the atoms so small?"

This also takes away that we must use different "force types" as this happens in the "Standard-Model of the Particle-Physics" in order to make the nuclear complex comprehensible. The nature has only one type of force, which evoke different effects under various conditions.

Already in context with the optical illustration had Einstein referred on the circumstance: that in radiation with rising frequency more and more energy is concentrated. Ever higher frequencies which could portray ever sharper would finally destroy: what they only actually should portray.

Further consequences: The entire universe consists exclusively of radiation in fact: On the one hand from free radiation and on the other hand from tied radiation, which circulate in circular figures on closed paths in self processes. The basic elements: "urt-particles" and "dot-shaped particles" are in the Universum superfluous. Those particles which are generated from radiation with topmost frequency are so small how we cannot imagine a point at all.

On this basis, all phenomenon can be declared without additional mystic dimensions; including those which until now not were explained at all , as for example the gravitation and the dark energy.

The system of the free radiation and the tied radiation explains furthermore: the radioactivity and will establish a more complex determinism of all the events. Each circular figure is around interwoven with neighbor processes of similar type, but it remains autonomous in itself with its stability. That is an individual time system similar a clock. The system time of the universe is a not assessable mix from the innumerable own time-systems of the free radiation and the variety of all particles.

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